Shah, Sukhvinder

Sukhwinder Shah (Hindi: सुखविंदर शाह), is an Indian Sufi singer and musician. Her singing and music has earned her many accolades, and she has been dubbed as the 'Queen of Atlanta Sufi Sangeet’ . She is also a music teacher and entrepreneur being a business woman in Atlanta

Born and raised in Punjab into a music family, she was trained in Sufi Music since her childhood. Her qualification includes Master’s Degree in Vocal Music. Sukh started performing since her childhood. She has been participating in various cultural events and has won a lot of awards. She started her career as a Music Lecturer in HMV College Jalandhar Punjab and then moved full time into Professional Singing. Being the Sufi sensation she has been awarded with a Gold Medal for Punjabi Folk by Former Prime Minister of India Sh. Indra Kumar Gujral.

Atlanta, GA,