Gaikwad, Sameer

Sameer is Desi Rhythms Band / Orchestra Leader

Sameer was born in the Bollywood City - Aamchi Mumbai, he is a passionate musician and aspires to lead a band of great performers that would entice audiences to the Bollywood dreamland and always deliver a mesmerizing show.

Sameer started his first keyboard lessons on the entry level with YAMAHA arranger back in school days and there after performed in several college festivals. Genre does not bound his talent and he explore music from different parts of the world. He is inspired by great composers and looks forward to his own compositions in months to follow.

Sameer's key performing instrument is his Korg PA 900 that he loves to boast about it but that is not his only instrument he knows to play. He plays Drums and Harmonica too. Apart from playing music, Sameer is a professional Lights and Sound Engineer and a certified professional event planner. He has built his personal life and career in phases of Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly has been his guiding principal and cornerstone for our band too. Yes! The soul of Desi Rhythms of Atlanta and everyone here has a great respect for his word and leadership.

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