Gupta, Anurag

Guitarist, Harmonium Player, Singer and Harmonica PLayer

Anurag leads the Desi Rhythms shows / events and Operations Head

Anurag Spent 15 years in Telecom industry in key Technical and management roles working with MNC’s across multiple continents. He now runs some successful business and invests in Real Estate.

Anurag is playing Harmonium since childhood and performed at some of the finest stages in India like Kala Darapan and Sargam Kala Kendra in Mandi House Delhi. His singing performance has been televised in Door Darshan in 1993 (other channels were not popular or existing that time). Anurag has a good ear for music and can play Guitar and Harmonica to perfection.

Anurag’s wife Anita is also a very good singer , Daughter Sunrita plays Classical Western Piano and Violin for DeKalb Youth Symphony. Sunrita also plays Clarinet for Marching Band in her School. Daughter Shriya has been learning Guitar.

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